The Struggle is Real

Yes I’m pregnant, NOT fat – here are 4 things that bug me the most

I’ve been away from blogging for a few months. Mostly due to being busy and just not having the energy while pregnant. We’re expecting our 2nd child in late March. I’ve been rocking the diclectin like it’s candy. UGH.

There are several things that really bug me while pregnant, but these few sure take the icing on the cake:

  • Touching my belly (without asking)

Not sure why, but maybe because I am not a big hugger. Or because it just feels wrong; like you’re invading my personal space or something. I have only had 2 belly touchers this pregnancy (other than my husband, son and Dr.), and one of them was a good friend (who asked) and the other an almost stranger! Sure, we live in a small town, and the lady (whose name I don’t even know) has served me at the restaurant once or twice before, but she thought that she was worthy of a belly touch. Umm no!  I let it happen, but I am sure that my face said it all. What. Are. You. DOING?!

  • Commenting on my size

I don’t find the comments much different than last pregnancy, but I do think that many comments just shouldn’t come out of people’s mouths! Whether you’ve experienced pregnancy or not, it should be noted that most pregnant women are likely already dealing with more emotions/over-thinking than they’d like, so, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Some of my recent favourites include: “Oh wow, you’ve really gained weight since the last time I saw you”, (and strangely on the same day), “You’re 27 weeks – you don’t even look pregnant – you better eat more!”

Whether you think I am not big enough, gaining weight quickly, or just want to remind me that I am eating for 2, just keep it to yourself.  By the way, it’s not any better when you point out where I’ve gained weight…’ve gained it in your face, or your butt, whatever! Just STOP!

  • Puking kids

I work in a large elementary school. It’s like working in a petri dish of germs. I know sometimes you don’t know that your kid is going to be sick (to their stomach), but for those parents that send their kids to school after they puked that morning, I want to yell at you! As well, sending students down to the office (they sit in my eye sight 95% of the time) to wait for their parents, and giving them a bucket/garbage can to puke in is not ok. The sound of someone vomiting makes me vomit, as does the smell. And this Mom has done enough puking with this pregnancy.

  • The stupid glucose test

Didn’t enjoy it last time, and definitely didn’t enjoy it this time. Over the holidays, I headed over to our local Dynacare to do the glucose test. I was so stoked to have one hour to sit and just read a book (I promised myself I wouldn’t go on social media…that would’ve been do-able, if the following hadn’t of happened). I presented my paperwork, and the lab tech said, “I will go and grab it…but it’s room temperature as our fridge broke over the holidays”. Well LUCKY me! I debated over heading home and trying another day, but it is not too often that I have it easy for someone watching Tyson (Ian was on holidays). I couldn’t imagine bringing him and having him sit in the small room and just wait for an hour after chugging that nasty drink. So, after giving myself a quick pep-talk, I uncapped the bottle and tried a gulp.


Worse at room temperature.

I tried to suck back what I could. And then at 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the lab tech reminded me that I only had 30 seconds left to drink and I wanted to cry. Both this time, and last time, she reminded me not to chug it, because if I puked (like I’m not already trying to avoid that), I would have to come back another day. So, I said that I would do my best, and keep trying to drink it. In just under 10 minutes I was done drinking it. Then she chimed in that my results might be affected (negatively) since I didn’t drink it within the time limit.


Needless to say, I did remain there for the next 60 minutes and got my blood taken. I should note at my recent doctor’s visit – just hit the 30 week mark – that my results were in, and I was well under the range for the possibility of gestational diabetes.

And finally, people being absolutely baffled that my husband and I have chosen not to find out the sex of our baby. It’s not that I don’t understand why many want to know, but more so, why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks, it matters to you that we’re not finding out.

I am not a prepare-the-nursery kind of gal. Nor the themed nursery.

Or the person who feels less prepared because I don’t know what colour of baby clothes to purchase (on a side note – it is becoming harder and harder to find gender neutral clothing).  I am definitely not one for surprises, but there is something exciting about a surprise like this. As long as our baby is healthy, I am happy.

I know that it sure helped get through labor last time!

I’ll leave my pregnancy rant on a positive note – here’s a fun pic that our ultrasound technician captured at our 20 week ultrasound!