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Blitzing the day away blissed me out

Michelle and I have been talking about 30 days of wellness for some time now. It was all I could do to get through December – early deadlines, family gatherings, holiday parties, children’s winter concerts (three of them!) Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s celebrations – the month flew by before I knew it.

Then January started off with an air of calm, and I knew I’d be able to embrace 30 days of wellness.

Get yourself to the spa!

I mean it. It seems overindulgent, doesn’t it? Carving out many hours without the kids, without the responsibility, without technology. But why not? Why can’t mama be allowed to shut off completely and be indulged for 3 or 4 hours without interruption or distraction?

My bestie and I usually have kids in tow and can’t focus on a conversation for three consecutive minutes, so the spa was the perfect place to hang.

I love this place for the water therapies – Body Blitz Spa


I know it’s a luxury to be able to leave the kids and go – whether you’re a SAHM, a working mom, a single mom or a busy type A multitasking machine, but you NEED to make time for yourself, and the spa really is one of my favourite ways to recharge. It’s the quiet. It’s the insulation from the outside world. It’s the fact that they’ll actually kick you out if they see you with technology that keeps me in check.

We hit up Body Blitz Spa in Toronto. I love this place – it’s a peaceful retreat with a circuit of plunge pools, soaking tubs and saunas. Sometimes I commit to the cycle, sometimes I just chill out in whichever space I feel. You can add a massage, a facial, a scrub or other body treatment if you want, but the water therapies are just so soothing I’ve never really thought additional relaxation was needed.

It’s SO relaxing – just what January’s wellness calls for after the feverish pace of December.

Blitzing the day away blissed me out.

Of course, if you can’t make time for an actual spa outing, give yourself an evening of spa indulgence just the same. A hot bath, epsom salts, essential oils, a facial pack, a good body scrub, some flowers, some delicious detoxifying juices and teas and you’ve got yourself a set-up for soothing and relaxation! The important thing is – no kids, no electronics, no distractions.