Urban Suburban Mommy is the lovechild of two friends and colleagues, Michelle and Elisa. As forty-somethings that pushed the boundaries of baby-making into the “late maternal age” category, we founded a blog to commiserate (lol) and connect. And to help people realize that having a baby shouldn’t be dictated by age alone.

We see eye to eye on most of the mommying, which is probably one of the reasons we hit it off, similar sensibilities – except one of us is simply suburban and the other is the consummate urbanite.

While Urban Mommy Elisa continues to muse on, many contributors – urban, suburban, rural, exotic – and everyone in between – has joined in on the fun. Urban Suburban Mommy has many contributors, some regulars and some guests. Get to know us – and feel free to let us get to know you. Respond to posts and get the convo going. We’re here to explore our views of mommyhood with you.

And dads, don’t feel left out. While we may may ‘mommy’ it up around here, dad’s perspective is always welcome, and would be interesting to explore.

From time to time we do get sent products to review. Urban Suburban Mommy will only review and promote products that we actually feel are up to our standards. Sometimes we’re paid for posts. These will always be identified as “Sponsored Posts” very clearly. All ideas and opinions are our own.

Drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you!  hello@urbansuburbanmommy.com


And now for full disclosure:


This blog is a personal blog written by UrbanSuburbanMommy.com and its contributors in many different cities and countries around the world. We would like to assure you that our voices are authentic and we will never lie or mislead. We would like to disclose that we do occasionally accept forms of paid advertising, sponsorship, paid content or other compensation in exchange for editorial and social media content from time to time. Paid or remunerated content will always be identified as Sponsored Content.

All opinions and views are our own. They are the views of the writer. We do not review or promote products or content if it does not truly meet our exacting standards. We won’t sell out to sell something, and will never misguide you or abuse your trust just to make a buck. Regardless of compensation, our team will always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products and we will always let you know when we are being pad to give you those opinions.


This website is for information and entertainment purposes only. The content may change or be removed at any moment without prior notice if so requested by the brands we collaborate with.


UrbanSuburbanMommy.com often links to third-party websites. We provide these links for information purposes only. We have no control over the content or the availability of those sites and are in no way liable for them.


Please note that not all products and promotional material sent to UrbanSuburbanMommy.com and its contributors will be featured in a blog post. An agreement of feature, sponsored post or other arrangements must first be agreed to by all parties due to the volume of requests received from brands and partners around the world. We will often promote products that we use and believe in without any connection or sponsorship, but simply because one of the things we love doing is sharing our great finds, our secrets and helpful hints with fellow mommies and daddies, urban and suburban alike!


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