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Presto –– it’s Pesto!

Want a add a twist to the flavour in your Kitchen?

How about one that is simple and easy to make?

Oh, and one that is enjoyed by all?


This wonderful flavour is such a simple add to any plain pasta, chicken, zoodle, panini, or other food that needs a burst of flavour – and an easy add for an instantly delicious meal.

Look no further, we’re going to explore pesto!

Pesto is simply made with basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and garlic.

That’s it.

It’s amazing how these 5 simple ingredients combined can be so flavourful. Variations – why yes, of course. We love this article from the Food Network that shows you 50 different ways to make Pesto – 50 Different Pesto Recipes

No matter which combination you choose (my favourite is basic pesto) the format is the same.

What you need:

– 2 cups Fresh basil (loosely packed – include the thin stems as well)
– 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
– 1/3 cup Pine nuts (optional: toast them for more flavour)
– 1/3 cup Olive oil
– 1 Garlic clove, minced
– Salt to taste (optional)

What you do:

Using a food processor (manual or automatic) add pine nuts first. Process to small bits. Add basil, and continue to process until both are tiny bits.

Add olive oil, garlic, and finally Parmesan Cheese (salt too if you want). Mix/blend together well, and serve. It’s as easy as that!



Our favourite is to serve it over shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic. You can serve this over pasta or zoodles (Noodles made from zucchini in a spiralizer or Julienne Peeler). You can also make a double batch and add to your favourite sandwich/panini the next day.

Made extra? It freezes well. A great trick is to freeze it in an ice cube tray so that you can grab as little or as much as you want.

Have a great week!

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