Bon Voyage

More like “Globetrotting Mommy”

When Urban Suburban Mommy was started, I was working in Toronto – a job I’d had in magazines and online content creation for over 15 years. My husband and I owned a home. In our urban setting, one of our sons attended a local alternative school, the other a neighbourhood public school. They were enrolled in football and we drove them to practice and games up to 6 days a week.

And then it all changed.

Life happened.

And now, the boys are being “homeschooled” or “unschooled” and we are no longer in Toronto – and no longer employed. It’s amazing what can happen if you take advantage of life as it happens.

My husband and I decided to take the opportunity to travel through Europe with our boys. It wasn’t a hard decision – once we wrapped our heads around it and started making it all real.

So instead of the sub-arctic temperatures of Toronto, we’re globetrotting. We spent New Year’s Eve on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The boys have raced through the maze of aisles in Pouces de Saint-Ouen, said hello to the Mona Lisa – La Joconde –  at the louve, and paid homage to The Lizard King at Père Lachaise Cemetery.

We’re driving around and sightseeing, Airbnb-ing and just going where the wind blows us.

We’ve taken many great recommendations from friends and are always happy to have suggestions.

Traveling with children is interesting – it’s fun watching them take it all in. It’s also pretty cool to return to places I’ve been, but not seen in over 20 years. It’s also exciting to see new places I’ve never been and experience them all with my family!

So while I may not be bringing you the typical Urban and Suburban for some time, now that the jet lag has faded and I have my bearings, I’m hoping to share some homeschooling, traveling, food, fashion and fun from abroad!

But as boys will be boys, there will still be the typical rantings of motherhood – as only this mommy does! Hope you’ll enjoy the ride along with me and my family welcomes any suggestions and ideas you may have to offer for our travels through Europe!