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Last minute gift ideas? Here’s mama’s wish list

Here it is ladies (and savvy gentlemen), My “Mama’s wish list for 2015” so if you’ve got some last-minute shopping to do for that special mama in your life – or want to drop hints to him for that last special gift – you’ll want to read on for some inspiration!

These are the not-so-ordinary gift ideas that will break that mundane routine we sometimes seem to fall into. When used correctly, they will lead to intimate moments filled with enhanced details that will turn into lasting memories with your special someone. 

1.Vinyl:  There is something truly romantic about the sound of a needle making its way around a record. Make a list of your favorite contemporary or classical musicians.  Start a new tradition and begin to build a carefully curated collection of vinyl that your partner surprises you with each holiday season.

2. Wool or Cashmere Blanket:  There is no better way to spend the holidays – once the children are in bed – than to curl up under a fine cashmere or wool blanket with your love. It’s all about romance during the holiday season, so cozy up with a bottle of bubbly, turn on your favorite Christmas flick, and treat your skin to this soft sensation. Who knows where it could lead 😉












3. Art:  Art is such a special and personal gift to receive.  It is much more than a mere material possession. This will inspire thought, emotion, and conversation for all who come through your home. The eternal essence of bringing people together. Cover your walls with lasting memories from the holidays that your sweetheart surprises you with.

4. The Experience of an adventure:  I am a huge fan of giving and receiving the gift of an adventure.  It’s all about an incredible experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.  For me an exciting adventure away would be heading to Big Sur, camping and surfing with my partner and roasting marshmallow after a long day of exploring the land.  What’s yours?

5. Constellation:  There are many wonderful constellation books out there for the beginner or advance star gazer. (Yes, we know there’s an app for that, but this is the kind of beautiful book that will get some milage.) With the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives, we often forget that falling in love has no end. Take time to be out in nature when the sun goes down, grab your cashmere blanket and your partners hand, as you gaze upon the stars and share each other’s stories. This will lead to laughter and kisses, and who knows, you may discover something new.


6.****** Bonus…..Tantric love oils….well we don’t need an explanation for this one, now do we!

AlissiaAlissia Marciano is an international fashion and wardrobe stylist, as well as, an on-air celebrity fashion host. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has worked and forged her talent around the world in such cities as Paris, New York, Vancouver, and Toronto. From guest appearances on Rachael Ray, to the countdown to the Oscars on the red carpet with E!, and co-hosting Look A Like and Sexy Girl,  Alissia is a prominent figure in the fashion industry and her success has earned her the reputation of a highly sought after international fashion and celebrity stylist. Beyond fashion and music, Alissia’s portfolio includes an extensive list of advertising clients including Diesel, ESPN, Nike, Acura, Orbit, and CAT. Her eclectic mix of femininity and rock n’ roll has graced the pages of such publications as L’Uomo Vogue, Neo 2 (Spain), Entertainment Weekly, New York Moves, Wonderland (Japan), The National (UAE) and Filler to name a few. In addition to her work in the industry, Alissia has two beautiful boys with whom she shares many wonderful adventures and creates lasting memories with, surfing and skateboarding being two of their favorite activities.