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Clara Power is a personal travel advisor with her own agency. She is also recognized as an authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This mama knows how to travel with kids (and without!) and is Urban Suburban Mommy’s Travel Specialist. Follow her reviews, suggestions and adventures, and don’t be afraid to ask questions – she’s the mama to go to for anything you want to know about travel.

1. Favourite place to travel with your family?

I have travelled many place with my kids – from Africa to Europe to the Caribbean – that it is so hard to pick just one!  Of course my family loves Disney, we love cruising (Disney or any cruise line) and Aruba. We have been going to Aruba on an annual basis since my children were 6 months, and it feels like a second home to us.

2. Urban or Suburban?

Such a tough question as the answer literally changes every day. One day I want a loft in downtown Toronto the next say I want to live on a lake. Right now, my life is Suburban, but don’t know for how long.

3. Who inspires you?

My kids! Every day they inspire to be better, stronger and keep going. Even when things are rough, they always have a smile on their face.

4. 5 must haves that you think every mom should pack?

  1. Kids’ thermometer – you never know when a fever is going to strike
  2. Pen – always need it for filling out forms
  3. Insurance – never leave home without out it
  4. Chapstick – hot or cold destination, dry airplanes….it’s a must!
  5. An extra bag – you never know what you are going to stumble across when traveling so always pack an extra bag for those great travel finds.

 5. Why do you love being a mom?

Cuddles, kisses, story time, bath time, board games, laughter… always best when shared with my kids

Clara Power is a mother to 2 well traveled kids, Andrew and Lauren.  She is a Personal Travel Advisor at her own travel agency, Clara Power TPI, which is in association with Travel Professionals International.  As an active traveler having visited over 35 countries and almost every continent, (still working on Antarctica), Clara is no stranger in understanding the unique wants and needs of families travelling together making her your expert choice for creating those special family vacation experiences.  Her agency is also recognized as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner due to her extensive knowledge and superior service.

Do not hesitate to call her today to learn about what she can do to help you plan a seamless and enjoyable vacation!
Clara Power TPI

Clara Power TPI


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