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5 must-have beauty products and tips for every mom from Brittany Gray

It was a  lot of fun to connect with fellow mom, Brittany Gray, founder of Fancy Face Inc and the bridal beauty expert for Kleinfeld Canada. Brittany has some amazing tricks and product suggestions so that you can look your best in a matter of minutes as the stunning woman that you are!
1. What make up tips do you recommend to hide dark circles under the eyes (every mom wants to know!)
There is a trend that is making waves right now, which is the “orange color correcting” trend. To execute this properly, use an orange-toned concealer on your under eye area to color correct the blue/purple tones that cause the dark circles. After applying a thin layer, reach for your favorite brightening concealer to put on top. This will cover up the orange toned color corrector and also reflect light so that you look bright eyed and bushy tailed. My two favorite products for this? NYX color correcting orange under eye concealer and YSL Touché Eclat. 
2. Any tips to minimize lines or wrinkles?
There is a product I’ve come to know and love to combat fine lines and wrinkles that happen with age and in the case of mommy hood, lack of sleep and hydration. One of my favorite go-to’s is the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing concentrate. This product diminishes the appearance of aging, improves the overall texture of the skin and noticeably decreases the appearance of marionette lines, crows feet, sub-orbital lines and wrinkles.
3. Can you recommend a simple beauty regime that moms on the go can do in 5-10 minutes?
I am all about fast, easy and effective beauty. I want to look the best I possibly can in the least amount of time (and without a lot of effort). One trick I swear by is the Dior One Minute Mask. I would love to have the time to pamper myself for a full hour every morning or night, but let’s face it… it ain’t happening. With this one minute mask, I am doing great things for my skin in a fraction of the time.
Another favorite product of mine is Crest One-Hour white strips. I love the ones that adhere to your teeth seamlessly so I can drink water, talk to clients on the phone, all the while giving myself the lift I need to feel fresh and glamorous. With all the coffee I drink now as a new mom, whitening my teeth is an absolute must.
Another trick is to take a few minutes to put together a makeup bag full of everyday staples. I recommend keeping your makeup bag relatively neutral in tone so that when you reach for it every morning, the products you’ve chosen work with every outfit, and you don’t need to do any guesswork. Choose your favorite mascara, a bb cream, a matte bronzer, a blush, a brow pencil/powder and a neutral lip liner and lipstick combo and you’re good to go!   
4. What is your favorite moisturizer?
I absolutely love Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream. It smells amazing and it is packed with nutrients!
5. What do you recommend for dry lips – regime or product?
Clarins recently launched a new product coined as a “Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil“. This product is extremely moisturizing and don’t feel too slippery, sticky or greasy. Picture a wonderfully hydrating and high-shine gloss. With three shades to choose from, these lip oils have “all the power of plant oils infused in a lip treatment to nourish and enhance their beauty.” 
About Brittany Gray
Brittany Gray is a beauty expert, entrepreneur and nationally recognized actress and television personality. She is the founder of Fancy Face Inc., one of North America’s top luxury mobile beauty companies, specializing in hair and makeup services for weddings, special events, entertainment industry functions, and celebrity glamour. For more information, please visit