10 Questions With

10 Questions with CityLine’s Beauty Expert Grace Tartaglia

We at Urban Suburban Mommy had the pleasure of sitting down with regular Cityline beauty expert Grace Tartaglia. She is an inspiring woman who prides herself on helping women look their best. We thought that all you moms out there would benefit from her great advice and tips about looking your best!

1. What is your favorite go-to hair product?

My favorite hair product would be uniq one because it has 10 real benefits for your hair.  The product repairs dry damaged hair, offers shine fizz control, silkiness  and smoothness, hair color protection. The product also helps your style to last longer and adds body.


2. What is the thing you feel most women overlook or don’t prioritize when it comes to their beauty regime?

Woman overlook or forget about dehydration. You must deeply hydrate your hair from Roots to ends because your hair needs extra love.  Do this 2 to 4 times per month with a product that’s right for your hair type. This will help your hair to become stronger, healthier, shinier.  Women also overlook their faces. It’s so important to use a face scrub because it will gently exfoliate and brighten your skin tone leaving the skin feeling smooth, cleaned and renewed.

3. Us moms are always talking about being exhausted – and we look it. Is there anything you can recommend to make us look more refreshed than we feel?

Keep it simple and plan ahead: wash your face, use moisturizer for your skin type, use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer and little blush, a tinted lip balm or lip gloss, mascara and do not forget your concealer. By using an effective concealer to cover dark circles, it will help you not look so worn out. Pay attention to your whole look, your hair your clothes.

4. Does an ‘easy’ style or a ‘wash and go’ always mean short? Is the pixie the go-to?

Easy style does not have to mean short – get a great haircut. Get your stylist to give you an easy to maintain style, something that can be pulled off your face quickly and easily, keep it at your shoulders or a chin length depending on your face shape.

5. As the greys come through, they have a crazy texture, how do you tame them?

You can tame crazy texture from grey hair by actually coloring it. The dye molecules fill in the missing pigments, and help to smooth out the cuticle.

6. There are so many color choices – is there an age that’s considered “too old” for wild colors?

There are so many color choices.  There is no color that I would say that is too old or wild for a person. It really depends on your personality, your career, and how you would like to present yourself to the world. Hair color can change how you look and feel about yourself.

7. We often hear “Long hair can make you look older.” At what age does this start being an issue – or is it untrue?

I really think that way of thinking is outdated.  Cutting your hair too short when your 40 and older, without considering your face shape and your hair texture, can actually make you look older for example.  If your hair is healthy and cut in the way that suits your face shape, I say yes to long hair.

8. What’s the next look that’s coming into style?

Hair trends for 2017 include ultra voluminous hair.  Braids are still on trend with a modern twist on traditional style.

9. When women are looking for a makeover, where do you start to figure out what the ‘new’ look should be?

I take a look at the skin, the hair and the eyes and see how they’re working together.  I then ask my client what length she would be comfortable with and I take it from there.   I then suggest hair colour, the best hair cut for your hair type as well as the best way to style your hair.  When we’re comfortable with all this, and we’re finished the hair makeover, I take my client through the process of doing your make up in five minutes.  My goal for any makeover is to teach my clients how to create their best self and look polished.

10. How do you get women to give up the pony tail?


I don’t!! Ponytails are a staple like a little black dress. What I do teach is how to try a ponytail in many different ways. From side parts to poof on top – put it over one side, curled – the possibilities are endless.


Grace Tartaglia is one of Canada’s leading foremost experts in beauty. With a regular presence in millions of homes through her longstanding guest expert position on City TV’s City Line.

Grace is known for her ability to create a women’s best self by allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Grace has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards within her profession.

Grace was given the honor to be the be the spokes person for the Princess Margaret hospital Nohairselfie campaign. They raised the largest amount ever for one haircut totaling $740,000. She is constantly updating her knowledge and education. She has a strong following of a number of notable celebrity clients and on air personalities as well as a very strong following of loyal clientele.

As a spokesperson for Revlon Professional Grace has traveled around Canada and the world both teaching and learning new color techniques, workshops and seminars.

Graces very busy schedule includes working on stages at hair shows, attending gala events, behind the scenes at fashion shows, judging hair styling competitions all while juggling her regular guest spot on a Cityline and running her highly sought after downtown Toronto Salon “Image Makeover”.

Grace is an expert at translating runway looks to wearable styles, while elevating a women’s self esteem in the process.