Mommy Approved, Urban Suburban Daddy

Urban Suburban Daddy’s gifts for new dads

Lets face it mamas, most of the gifts we get are from other mamas. Those guys don’t seem to go all gaga over baby registries – and even when it’s your hubby’s friend, he expects you to to pick something up for their new arrival.

A close friend just had a baby, and we couldn’t be more excited. Even though I’m dying to get my dose of newborn sweetness, I’m not sure when we’ll go over. We’re just not going to descend on their quiet home with the boys in tow. Sean really wanted to get them something and actually discussed it with me! While mamas are all about the list of necessities and the inside scoop on what the new mama needs, my Urban Suburban Daddy wanted to get something cute, sweet and more personal.

Conventional and useful weren’t as relevant.

So without further ado, here’s Urban Suburban Daddy’s baby gift list:

Pick your favourite band, could be The Ramones, Green Day, The Cure, AC DC – a rockstar onesie is the way to go. Sure it will endure the diaper blowouts and spitups like all the rest, but it still says “Yah, we’re good” like no little pink polka dot number could.

Baby’s first piece of art – why not? If it’s not to juvenile, it’s something that can grow with them. And if you pick a great budding artist, who knows? It could actually be the present that keeps on giving if the artist’s career takes off!

Admittedly, mine is a Star Wars fan, so “something Star Wars” tops every gift list. Stuffies aren’t presents that mommies give each other, we’re way too practical for that – but kids do love them, and they need a few so that they can get really attached to one and have it to snuggle. Darth Vader fits the bill perfectly.


Of course any self-respecting baby needs a good pair of kicks, and Urban Suburban Daddy was torn between the Van’s and the Jordans. While we know they won’t need them for a long time and will probably outgrow them before they see any milage at all, they’re pretty cute!

While mama might think of something a little more practical in the way of playing music, this really is a cute little number. They come in some great colours and have a jack for connecting your iPod or phone for audio. It’s perfect for DJ Diaper Pants since we know how much they like to stay up ALLLLLLLLL night!

While none of these will likely ever show up on any baby shower registry, sometimes something fun is just what the new parents need. And that’s okay. We like Urban Suburban Daddy’s take on gifts for the new dad, they give us hope that we haven’t entirely lost our edge!