The Struggle is Real

Turn. It. Down.

You’ve got kids.

You’re at a restaurant.

I’m shooting you dirty looks. And it’s not your kid’s fault, it’s yours.

Yah, that’s right – my death ray glare is locking on target, and you’re in the crosshairs.

Turn. The. Volume. Down.


I don’t know what’s going on lately – and believe me, I understand survival parenting better than most – but what is up with blaring the volume on your phone or tablet? You keep the kid quiet so you can enjoy a meal – to the detriment of everyone around you.

Honestly, I get it. I’m actually not quite sure how my parents did it without technology, and a well-timed iPhone bribe will get me what I need, but I won’t do it at the expense of every single other adult in the room.

I was astounded the first time it happened – we were out at a restaurant that was NOT a family restaurant. The napkins were not paper, the candles were NOT electric and the ambient music was NOT ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ – well, it wasn’t when we arrived. But another group decided that their fussing 2 year old could be pacified with videos. The mom promptly propped her phone on the table. At full volume.

Full volume.

Why, when I’m not obligated to listen to my own child’s grating music, would another parent impose that on me?

I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if it had been a crying kid; a tantruming kid; a giggling, laughing silly kid. But it wasn’t the kid, it was the parent unparenting. It was obnoxious.

It wasn’t the only time it’s happened. It seems where once we had a modicum of grace and consideration, today, some have forgotten that the rest of the world is right there.

Whenever I turn on a device for my children, whether it be a waiting room, an event or even a restaurant, I have had earbuds for my children, or put the volume so low that it’s barely audible to me, never beyond me.

I get it. We all need a break. Sometimes finishing dinner with the little muppets it all a parent needs to keep sane. But next time, does the volume need to be set to max?

Parents don’t. Please don’t.