Delicious Dishes

These are not the waffles you are looking for

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this about my family (Urban Mommy Elisa here), but we love Star Wars family. My husband is a true Star Wars guy and he’s taught our boys everything he knows. My wedding vows actually included promising him always to break him out of carbonite and always to help him do the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs, among other references, so you might say I’ve been lured over to the dark side.

And so, today, after a very Star Wars Christmas where most presents and all of the wrapping paper revolved around Jedis, Darth Vaders, Tie Fighters, Yodas, Death Stars and Kylo Rens, we heard the gloomy news that Carrie Fisher – better known as Princess Leia – had passed away at the age of 60.

We had just finished brunch that included Rebel Alliance waffles made on the brand new Star Wars waffle maker that we were given from our thoughtful family.

I’ve had so many Star Wars moments, and seeing my husband share his love for Star Wars with the boys has been heartwarming. The passing of Carrie Fisher has saddened us all. It’s funny how something like a movie franchise can have such an impact on your life.

Thanks Ms. Fisher. You showed little girls that they could be heroes too. You proved that we could be warriors, that we could be strong. You got the guy, you got the gun and you got the moves too. Your books, your theatre performances, your career – you achieved a lot of amazing things during your lifetime, and your appearance in The Force Awakens last year was every bit as good as your original movies. We can forgive that kiss – you didn’t know he was your brother at the time, but this #TastyTuesday, which was supposed to be all about the Star Wars Waffles, will instead be about you.