Delicious Dishes

The goobie

The boys drive me nuts some mornings. One doesn’t eat eggs, the other doesn’t like butter. Heaven help us if my husband butters all of the toast. And you know those days where there’s only one bowl of cereal left but they both want it?

Yah, breakfast can be a battleground.

My answer is always The Goobie.

Goobie is one of those words that stuck. It’s the way they pronounced smoothie when they were really little, and they’ve never stopped calling it that. As a matter of fact, every time they hear the blender they come running, asking what flavour goobie I’m making.

And I have to say, having a magic bullet is the best – it was perfect for making baby food and it’s perfect for goobies. You can use a blender, food processor or braun blender stick – whatever you’ve got.

What you need:

– 1 cups of fruit
– 1 cup of milk (Can’t do dairy? Use soy, rice milk, almond milk etc.)
– 4-6 ice cubes

There are really so many variations of this recipe that it’s hard to give the basics.

  1. You can use any fruit you like. Use up fruits going bad or use specific berry combos. My kids like mango, strawberry, banana, strawberry banana, melon and orange. Apple doesn’t work well. The riper the fruit, the sweeter the flavour. You can also use peanut butter or cocoa, though we don’t let them eat nuts before school because there are a couple of extreme allergies in my sons’ classes.
  2. You can use frozen fruit. When fruit is going bad I remove the seeds and throw it in the freezer in a container so that they’re ready to blend. I also buy bags of frozen fruit. Berries are much cheaper this way. Omit ice with frozen fruit.
  3. Sweeten things up. Some fruits just aren’t naturally sweet and can be a bit bland. While I don’t like adding tons of refined sugar to their diet, a teaspoon of brown sugar, agave or maple syrup will give a bland drink a bit of a sweet spot.
  4. Beware of raspberries. They’re full of seeds and have a weird texture when made into a smoothie. Yummy but I actually strain raspberry smoothies to get out some of the seeds.
  5. Add nutrients. You can add a dash of protein powder, vitamins or even veggies. This is a great way to sneak in a bit of spinach, chia seeds, broccoli or carrot. THEY CAN’T TELL! lol

What you do:

Blend it all. The longer you blend the smoother and runnier it will be. For thick, add extra ice. For thinner, go light on the ice. You can adjust as you need. Just keep blending.

Goobie time!