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The bath bombers

My boys are addicted to bath bombs, and I’m okay with that.

Stinky boys + Lush bath bombs = Happy Mama

If your kids have ever given you the run-around because they don’t want to take a bath, I highly recommend taking them out to pick up a few bath bombs. I love the ones at Lush. I have tried other types, but I’ve never found better. I especially love Lush for their amazing quality, natural products that are never tested on animals and their social responsibility. But mostly because the products are so pretty, smell so good and work so well!

For the uninitiated, bath bombs are essential-oil-and-magic-filled balls of bright colour. They smell lovely and are chalky to the touch, but drop them in water and they become effervescent as they react. They spin and fizz, emitting colours and aromas to sooth the soul. The water takes on gorgeous hues and sometimes – if you pick just right, they release flower petals, sparkles and other wonderful surprises as they do their thing.

Yoga bombing boy

Yoga bombing boy

It’s the perfect kind of fun to get your kids begging for baths!

Most bath bombs area  one-time use. They melt away completely as they finish fizzing. Warning – they will leave your child (and you) smelling better than any soap ever could, filling the bathroom and hallway with an incredible aroma. The essential oils are picked with precision and awareness. You can buy bath bombs for bedtime that relax, ones that soothe, ones that remind you of the forest, ones that invigorate, and ones that offer a pick-me-up. The happy, energizing scents are especially perfect for a cool, mid-day bird bath in the summer.

If you’ve never experienced the bird bath, then you need to start. My university roommate Jen, the loveliest of souls, not only turned me onto Lush products and bath bombs, but I believe she also coined the term bird bath.

Some baths are meant to be long and luxurious, where you need to reheat the water two or three times. Other baths are fast, soothing – not much more than a quick rinse. Bird baths. You pop into the tub for two or three minutes. Sometimes to wash up, other times just to cool off in the summer.

Jen and I lived with two male roommates that joked they could never have imagined their bathroom would smell so good or be used so much, but I believe the landlord was probably having conniptions about the water bills!