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Thai Red Curry Chicken

I am lucky enough to know an amazing friend, colleague and super mom Maria Arangio who treated me to a to this delicious home cooked meal (I honestly thought I was at a restaurant).  I just had to share her recipe!  If you want a quick (about 20 minutes), easy meal with a bit of kick – this is the one! Enjoy!  We even have a free printable at the end of the post 🙂


  • Brown rice (or other variety), cooked 2 cup
  • Coconut oil 1 tsp
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast, sliced thin 2 cup
  • Onion, chopped 1/2 cup
  • Carrot, julienne 1/2 cup
  • Zucchini, julienne 1/2 cup
  • Asian eggplant, cubed 1/2 cup
  • Green Beans, blanched, whole, ends trimmed 1/2 cup
  • Thai Red Curry Paste (Blue Dragon brand) 2 tbsp
  • Coconut Milk 350 mL
  • Vermouth 2 tbsp
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Crispy onions 2 tbsp


1. Heat coconut oil in large fry pan.
2. Add onion and chicken; satay until cooked. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Add carrot, zucchini,asian eggplant and green beans.
4. Cook for 3 minutes until veggies are tender but crisp.
5. Add vermouth; cook down for 2 minutes.
6. Add thai red curry paste and coconut milk. Stir and simmer for 3 minutes.
7. Plate 1 cup of cooked rice per person and top with half of prepared Thai Red Curry Chicken each; garnish with crispy onions.

Download the recipe card for Thai Red Curry Chicken


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