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Start writing out those Valentine’s Day cards!

I’m feeling really proud of myself, I have realized before the stores are all sold out that my children will be participating in Valentine’s Day next week. On the 14th. As happens every year.

Now to get them to the store to pick out a few packs before they’re sold out.

I loved this class activity when I was a kid and I like to indulge my boys now that it’s their turn. In years past we’ve done all hand-made cards, we’ve done crafts, one year I even tried to get all Pinteresty with the dough that hardens into a flower ornament that we bedazzled. 60 of them. It was insane, and days of work!

This year I. Just. Can’t. Sometimes a mama has too much on the go, and it’s okay to let go of something. This year it’s the craftastic exertion of energy on Valentine’s Day handouts.

And that’s okay. I’m fine with it and my sons are fine with it, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun picking out some great class Valentine’s cards.

The DIY made easy

This kit from Target still offers a bit of handmade craftiness that the kids can do with little help. Though realistically, mine will lose interest after about 5 cards and I’ll do the rest. Unless I bribe them with TV time while they weave those strings!

Say it with a smiley face

Why say it with words when this Hallmark Valentine’s Day card pack will say it in emojis for you? After all, isn’t this just prepping our young minds for the inane emoji text convos they’re bound to have in a few short years? You’re practically doing them a favour.

The download

Run out of time? Stores all empty? Don’t worry, it’s the 21st century and AvHE design’s Etsy store has you covered with some super duper cute print-your-own. Yes, isn’t this genius? Get yourself some paper and hit print. Print up as many of this cute card as you want, and you can even insert your kid’s name, so you, my friend, are done like a pro!


Your know your little ones are too young for nostalgia, but these vintage valentines from Indigo sure do take you back. And you know they’ll be a hit with other parents as their littles share what your little handed out!

Taste of the Force

What do they say? All’s fair in love and Star Wars. The Star Wars franchise is just huge, and your little one will be getting plenty of Darth Vader, Storm Trouper, Luke and Leia messages from their little padawan friends, but your kid will stand out with these Star Wars cards from Amazon – complete with the lollipops!

The only other advice I have is, don’t get the overly lovey dovey cards for the kids. I’ve seen some pretty inappropriate cards for kids. I don’t expect any 8 year old to love another and B2gether 4ever or be my first kiss. Let’s keep it rated G and all in fun. And if anyone wants to get extra Pinteresty this year, please share, I’d love to see your inspiration – for next year!!