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Pregnancy & Baby Hair – Fact or Fiction

We at Urban Suburban Mommy thought it was about time that we got to the bottom of some popular hair myths. We asked our amazing beauty contributor Erica Wearing to help us answer 5 popular questions about hair.


1. Shaving a baby’s head: A lot of people insist that shaving a young baby’s head will get their hair to grow in thicker.

Erica: Answer: Fiction

Shaving your babies head won’t make their hair grow in thicker because hair grows from a follicle beneath the scalp . It will how ever make it feel thicker because it grows in evenly all at the same length and time.

I shaved my lil guy’s head and regretted it after I did it 😫he was bald forever but once it finally started to grow in it did come in evenly and thicker feeling.

2.You shouldn’t color or chemically treat your hair when pregnant: Can hair dye or perm/straightening treatments hurt baby?

Erica: Answer: School’s out on this one.


I never like to answer this for my pregnant clients because there isn’t enough research out there to prove whether this is true or not. What I would suggest is waiting till second trimester before root touch ups   Or a safer option is highlights as this does not have contact with scalp .As for perms and chemical straightening I wouldn’t recommend it. Buy yourself a flat iron or curling iron. Answer: School’s out on this one.

3. My hair got thicker and grew faster while I was pregnant: Does hair really grow faster while you’re pregnant?

Erica: Answer: Fact.

I loved my pregnancy hair it was so silky, grew fast and majorly thick. The hormones will cause your hair to grow in faster and thicker but this isn’t permanent usually around when baby is 6 months old, we start to see all of this lustrous hair come to an end and end up with a head band of beautiful baby hairs around our face.

4. Styling gels, mousse, and sprays are unhealthy for kids: Can you use styling aids in children’s hair? Is there an age considered too young?  

Erica: Answer: Fiction (but be careful about harmful ingredients for adults or children)

I usually use a little bit of what my husband uses for styling products – the styling clay by Moroccan is a great choice. Just don’t use anything to harsh. It  won’t be fun when your trying to rinse their hair in the tub😭

5. Everyone’s hair grows faster in the summer: Does hair really grow faster in summer? Does it depend on season or actual climate?

Erica: Answer: Fact

Soak up and enjoy the vitamin D because hair does indeed grow faster in the summer but only as much as 10% in comparison to growth in winter months .