Urban Suburban Mommy

Pics of my babies! How many is too many?

Is there such a thing as being OCD over the quantity of pics of each kid? If so, I’m guilty! With a newborn (well now just over 3 months old), I find myself questioning my social media pic posts. The random thoughts in my head consist of wondering if I have posted too many of the newborn. Or, not enough of my almost 3 year old.

Or am I that Mom that just posts too many of her kids? (I can admit that I am not the one with the TMI posts – like broadcasting my love for breastfeeding, or showing my son pooping on the potty)

As I take what I think to be cute, easy-to-like pics for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I wonder how many other moms are in the same boat? I remember getting advice from several parents that you just don’t get as many pics of your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th) child since you’re so much busier. Perhaps that is the case…but I think that i am actually doing pretty good!

Maybe that is because our smart phones make these moments easier to capture?

I should note, I also often take note of the background of my pics before posting. Is my house clean enough? Does my child have a nice enough outfit on without tons of food splattered across it?

I’d like to think that I am not the only one to have these thoughts. Anyone have any suggestions for moving forward?

Urban Suburban Mommy adds:

I have looked at the photo albums my mom put together and I have wondered the same thing. There are definitely more pictures of me – the eldest – then there are of my brother. This may be because I’m in the solo pics and in most of the pics of my brother! But it’s probably also because I was a busy 2-year-old who didn’t nap and didn’t give my mom enough time to pull out her 35 mil. and take all of the cute pictures I posed for as an infant.

My goodness, I was a cute infant!

In the days before digital, where you had to buy film, print and develop it, I think it was just so much trickier. My mom didn’t always carry a camera. That would have been cumbersome and her baby bag was already big enough.

But me?

I’m so busy taking pictures, filming, filtering and posting that sometimes I forget to sit back and watch what they’re doing in real life. The last time I downloaded my phone I had over 10,000 pictures. (And I wondered why my phone was so slow…). That was just my phone. My husband’s phone still needs to be downloaded, and I bet that number will come close to doubling.

I have ample images of both kids, though photo shoots were certainly easier with only one child on the go. So maybe Numero 2 doesn’t have ‘quite as many’ as the first guy, but when they each get thousands of pictures taken a year, are we really going to worry about quantity?

(Now my brother, who has a few pages dedicated to his baby development as opposed to the two full albums all about me – he’s got a legitimate gripe!)