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My little Valentines

What I do love about Valentine’s Day is doing something special for my boys. My mother used to sneak in – a la Tooth Fairy – and leave a Valentine’s Day present beside my bed. Valentine’s Day morning I’d find a little something special when I awoke. This is exactly what my husband and I love to do with our boys.

So what’s hot on the kid circuit this year for Valentine’s Day presents?

Beanie Boos

If your kids don’t know about Beanie Boos, then you’re about to rock their little worlds. I don’t know if it’s the extra-large glittery eyes, or what, but my kids are obsessed with them. Can’t go wrong with a little Beanie Boo. They come in keychain size, 4-inch size or even bigger, and are pretty inexpensive.

School Supplies

I don’t think there’s a child alive that hasn’t begged for a fun pen. They place them ‘just so’ at the check-out at toystores, at Target, at the drugstore. The kids beg and plead – and then destroy or lose them within two days. But they’re coveted and make a perfect special Valentine’s Day treat.

Heart-Shaped Spiderman

While I don’t like going crazy on the candy for Valentine’s Day, I have a hard time resisting these tins. My boys love them for hiding away their important little stones and lego guys and pieces of stuff. Might be Spider-Man, might be Star Wars, might be Minecraft  – or go Hello Kitty, Barbie or the traditional red box.

I Heart Mom shirt

Etsy has some pretty spectacular options, but the guy at the Tshirt store in the mall knows me by name and gets a kick out of the things I have written on Tshirts. My husband and boys have more than a few. I am a regular, and why not for Valentine’s day. Because of course they love their awesome mom. I’m sure these come in the ‘Daddy’ version too…

Red Egg Shakers

Egg Shakers are a great instrument. They keep the beat and are really fun to play with, so give the kids a gift of music and then have a morning dance party and shake it up with them! If you’ve never played with these, they’re exactly like eggs, only filled with sand or beads and very much like maracas, only without the stick or fancy painting.

Valentines Arts & Crafts

I’m not so crafty, or Pinterest-y for that matter, but I do like finding activities that we can do together. My boys actually like stitching, and I can see them going a bit crazy for this one! Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is, after all, getting to have fun with the ones you love.

While the Tshirts come in at $22, my Tshirt guy does them for half that – and the keepsake tin with lollipops is $15, the other three choices are under $7. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be about big showy presents, it’s about sweet little treats and lots of smiles.

Happy Valentine’s Day