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Mama needs a new bag – which designer baby bag do you want?

When I looked at baby bags for my first, I had no idea what I’d need, I just knew what I wanted. I’ll always kick myself for not buying the gorgeous supple leather baby bag at the Coach store when I was in Vegas for my babymoon, but I was afraid that such a beautiful bag sitting on my SUV stroller would just be a target at the park.

I should have bought the bag…

Instead, I was given an amazing baby bag by a very close friend. A Kipling bag, complete with insulated pockets, roll-out change pad and signature toy monkey. It was functional and cute. I think every mama deserves the right bag, it makes life so much easier!

Here are some drool-worthy baby bags, which one do you want?

The Thea Baby Bag Tote is lined, has lots of interior pockets, a removable change pad, stroller straps and loads of style. Available in 2 colours, Bark and Black, the pebbled leather is durable and supple. $550

Don’t you just love Kate Spade’s patterns? Love love love – though this bag comes in black too, for those that just don’t appreciate stripes. The Sasha Baby Bag is lined, has many interior compartments and has a good width and depth for storing everything a stylish mom needs on the go. The durable nylon has leather trim. Oh yah, and 14K gold plated hardware. $398

This one is just too cute! The little cherry pattern on nylon quilting is actually able to be laundered, as is the matching removable change pad. This is a comfy bag, with both over-the-shoulder and cross-body wearing options. Lots of pockets and a big interior give mama lots of storage – and the exterior pockets are perfect for easy access to a wallet and cell phone. $298

This one is pretty sleek and styling. Who needs a purse when you’ve got an MK baby bag? Both the cross-body and over the shoulder, there is a removable change pad and lots of exterior pockets. I love those exterior pockets. It’s just as hot in navy blue. $298

There’s nothing like a little bit of Italian luxury to make a mama go gaga. This nylon body carries it all, in a more compact bag. Available in both navy and black, we love the sheen and leather-reinforced handles. $1,340

Love Coach? They make it easy to keep it classy, even with dipes, wipes, nuks, bottles and burp cloths in tow. (And we hear Coach was Sarah Jessica Parker’s bag of choice). In both black and blue, it’s light and durable. It’s had a lot of thought put into the design and includes lots of zips, a stroller clip, wipeable interior and removable change pad. It’s not the one I almost bought, but it would have suited me just fine. $495

Silver is definitely not for just any mama – can you carry this off? It’s definitely a cool bag – this one’s for birthing baby rock stars! Loving the quilted pockets and exterior zips. Straps for cross-body and shoulder. Matching change pad. $435

The signature check on this chic baby bag makes it a great accessory for a mom on the go. Strappy and stylish, ample storage space – inside and out – gives mama lots of options. There’s a roll-out change pad, but forget about that, the gold hardware and sumptuous leather make it hard to resist. Except maybe that I need to be able to afford the diapers to put in it! $1,495

We’ve saved the best for last. It’s not everyone that can take a $10,000+ bag and stuff it full of butt paste and burp cloths, but there are more than a few A-listers that have counted on the Hermès Birkin Bag to fill the bill. Over the past few years we’ve seen Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Rachel Zoe, Katie Holmes – and of course, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian (whose Birkin is actually worth closer to $40,000) carry the coveted bags as an accessory to motherhood.

You may as well get a baby bag you love. This bag is going to be your constant companion for the next 2 years, and then add 2 years for every subsequent baby. Get the one that will stay on your shoulder, hold all your goodies – and make you look good while you’re at your busiest!