The Struggle is Real

Halloween of days past

I absolutely love Halloween.  My husband and I just had a conversation about how Halloween seems so much different than the way we remembered it as kids.  I also think that Halloween varies depending on whether you live in the city or suburbs.

Here is the way we remembered the way Halloween used to be back in the 1970s & 80s vs. today:

  • Costumes were almost always homemade back then.  Nowadays, Halloween has become big business.  In fact, I spent my Saturday night out with my girlfriend shopping at a huge Halloween superstore as we were trying to locate a blowup Sumo wrestler costume that her son had to have. I caved in and bought a Captain America costume for my little guy rather than taking the time to make a costume.


  • Like costumes, back in the good ol days, decorations were also made.  Today, besides raiding the dollar store, some people go all out and spend so much money on the most elaborate decor including animatronics.  I think it’s pretty cool.



  • Halloween in the suburbs definitely ends a lot earlier than in the city.  But, I think this is neighborhood and age dependent.
  • Treats are way better today than they were back in our hey day. A couple neighbors on our street were giving out full size chocolate bars, loot bags with toy spiders, gift certificates to McDonalds. Back then, the highlight was a tootsie roll.
  • Halloween is big business these days. According to the National Retail Federation annual survey, Americans will spend 8.4 million dollars on this holiday. In our day, Halloween was a big deal, but not this big of a deal.

But whether you were trick or treating with a pillow case years ago, or using a trumped out Halloween bucket to collect candy today, I still think that this holiday is one of the most fun. The best part – during one day of the year, you can be whomever you want to be without anyone passing judgement (with the bonus of chocolate). Why wouldn’t Halloween be your favorite holiday?