Mommy Approved

Father’s Day – stop with the ties already.

Okay mamas, here’s the deal. If you’re like me, it’s less than 72 hours until Father’s Day and you just realized it, because the kids brought home half-dried macaroni art spray-painted gold and some clay handprint with a sweet inscription about “Your hand in mine, Daddy” from school today, and it’s dawned on you that something’s a brewing that you’ve forgotten!

Okay, to be fair, I am usually on top of everything, everyone, every present and every holiday – but this past week alone I’ve drowned my iPhone, lost my car in the underground parking at the mall and sent my kid to school without lunch.

It’s a slow week and yet I can barely keep up, so when the tell-tale hand-crafted gifts made their ways into my kids’ closets this afternoon, the reality of what this weekend would hold came crashing down like a tower of Legos.

But I’m nothing if not resilient, so with replacement iPhone in hand, I pulled it together. I brainstormed. I called in favours. I sourced and I located.

Father’s Day is saved. The reservations at his favourite restaurant have been made, the Star Wars present has been purchased and the card will be picked up tomorrow.

Or Saturday. Definitely by Sunday.

I’m not one of those cynics who hates Father’s Day for its commercialism – I only feel that way about Valentine’s Day. No, I blanked this year, but generally I embrace Father’s Day. My husband just happens to be the cream of the crop when it comes to best dads, so I like to make a fuss.

(Plus he knows to make a fuss for Mother’s Day. We have an understanding.)

If you’ve got a bad case of the last-minute-panics, here are the other suggestions I came up with while brainstorming. I bet the Dad (or dad-like role model) in your life would approve, and these are easy to get presents that he’ll actually enjoy.

Cool Dad

Super-trending, these babies are cool. They never go out of style. They come in some great colours and different lenses so you can get him something to up his cool factor, as if he weren’t cool enough already.

(Pick yourself a pair up too.)

High Flying Dad

The mantra these days “collect experiences, not things” really resonates. For the Dad whose got his feet firmly planted on the ground, why not send him into the sky on a helicopter ride over the city? Other cool options include: Hot air balloon rides, charter planes and – for the uber-adventurous, a sky dive or squirrel suit experience!

(Plus, this one you can order online and present a print-out if you can’t get to the mall. Groupon may even have a deal!)

Date with Dad

Dad loves spending time with the kids, so why not create a special event: Tickets to his favourite sporting event! Or if Dad’s not the sporty kind, it could also be tickets to a concert, a stand-up comedy show or play, depending on Dad’s interests.

New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays

(Bonus tip: Get tickets for him and the kid(s) to go on a date and enjoy some free time to yourself! Is that wrong?)

Dressing Dad

It’s totally no bueno when you and your better half go out in matchy matchy outfits, but it’s super-cute when Dad and his little muppet do it. One year I made my Star Wars geek hubby a “Trust me, I’m a Jedi” t-shirt and made both boys t-shirts that said Padawan to go with it. There are tons of cute theme Dad-n-Kid shirts out there. Go to the local t-shirt printing guy with your best ideas.

(Padawan is a child training to be a Jedi, in case you didn’t know. Now you know.)

Dad with a Fun Streak

Sure he may wear a suit to work, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a bit of party on the inside. Set Dad up on the Sock-Of-The-Month-Club. Seriously, check the ankles of any well-dressed man and you’ll see their fun streak peeping out between crisp hem and well-polished brogue. Men and their socks. It’s a thing. From orange argyles to corn cob patterns, this is the gift that keeps on giving – every month until next Father’s Day!

(And it’s always in his size!)

Backyard Warrior Dad

Okay, I may or may not want this for selfish reasons, but I know Dad will think this is the coolest. If you love your Roomba, just imagine how much Dad is going to love his AutoMower!!!! Seriously. The thing quietly and effortlessly roams around the yard, trimming, snipping and clipping to perfection, without any assistance – from Dad or otherwise.

(The price tag may be a little steep, but the years of no asking, begging, nagging and yelling about the lawn will be more than worth it.)

Happy Father’s Day!