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Dressing boys can be fun – with celeb stylist Alissia Marciano

Who says boys are no fun to dress?!

bow tie

Les Gamins G&R bow tie

Being a woman and a mom, I’ve always incorporated boyish elements into my code of dress.  So when I became a mother to two boys, it was a thrill for me to be able to create cool boy looks and drape them on my lovable, little monkeys.

It can be challenging to find stylish duds for little men. I do find that there is a lack of good options when i walk into independent kids clothing boutiques.

For high street stores like Zara Kids, they do have quite a good array of options when it comes to basics – ie: your skinny black jean, lowered crotch jeans and nice thin cotton t-shirts.   But when it comes to unique pieces to layer, it can seem like you have to search high and low before finding that perfect piece.  Here are a few designers and pointers that will make your fashion hunt a lot easier.

  1.  Remember not to shy away from fun patterns when dressing boys.  Mix and match and have a blast – after all you’re only a kid once. (I think…)
  2.  Kids can wear boy ties too!  A nice way to dress up a boys look for a special occasion or dinner out is by choosing a bow tie with a playful pattern. I really like skulls on little boys.  Check out the bow ties below.  My favorite label is Les Gamins G&R.  They are available online…get yours while they last!
  3.  Just like for women shoes are also a hot accessories for boys. They add personality to any little ensemble. Vans are definitely my go-to, but check out AKID as well for some great styles.
  4.  HAVE FUN – these petit munchkins won’t always let you style them so take advantage while you can!