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Create a cozy bedroom

This week from The Modern Curator: Creating a cozy bedroom

Photographs courtesy of HomeSense. Velvet Drapes/ Chest of Drawers/ Tufted King Sized Headboard/ Velvet Club Chair/ Tufted Bench from HomeSense.

Let’s face it, come winter, we spend a lot more time inside and in our bedrooms!

Hibernation mode, right?

Our bedrooms become much more than a place to catch Z’s. The bedroom becomes a place to binge watch Netflix, cry over a good book, indulge in bed-nics (picnics in bed!) and a quiet sanctuary to recover from party season.

Follow these tips to make your bedroom a cozy and inviting space that will quickly become the favourite room in your house.

Bedding Look for bedding that is soft (no scratchy materials please!) and durable, such as 100 percent Egyptian or Pima cotton. “Each bedroom should have a premium down comforter. Investing in quality bedding basics is key to comfort,” says Tamara Robbins Griffith, HomeSense Design Expert. “From there, you can be flexible and have fun with your top of bed fashion by swapping in and out new patterned sheet sets and duvet covers.”

Velvet Throw Cushions/ Floral Duvet Set/ Velvet Coverlet/ Ruffle Trimmed Cotton Quilt from HomeSense

homesense cozy bedroom pillows

Pillows Besides your mattress and bedding, Tamara points out that good pillows are the key to sleeping well and achieving a comfortable bedroom space. Once you have your sleeping pillows chosen, add accent pillows in varying sizes, colours and textures that will flow with your space and add extra snugness.

Luxurious Throw Tamara suggests introducing layers of bedding to add warmth and texture to your bed. Think faux-fur or thick cable knit to give you a luxe, cozy feel.

Wool and Viscose Rug/ Faux Fur Throw/ Mirror-Framed Art Work from HomeSense

homesense Luxurious Throw for a cozy bedroomArea Rug The right rug can keep your room looking stylishly inviting while keeping your feet warm!

Create Vignettes Use your bedroom to surround yourself with items you love such as an art piece, vintage mirror, favourite book and bouquet of flowers. All these special items help to achieve a calming and personalized space.

Wooden Tray/ Coffee Table Books/ Scented Candle from HomeSense

Vignettes in a cozy bedroom

Lighting  When it comes to achieving a relaxing atmosphere, choose side lamps for your bedside tables with soft lighting (low-watt bulbs). Or, create low lighting by putting your main light on a dimmer switch.

Brass Task Lamp/ Antiqued Gold Mirror from HomeSense

Bedroom Lighting for a cozy bedroom



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