Danielle Reid

Meet Danielle Reid, mother of four, woman extraordinaire and Urban Suburban Mommy’s resident foodie.

Danielle Reid

1.You’re stranded on a dessert island -you can bring one person and one must-have food item?

I would take my husband and a bag of ju-jubes (my favorite go-to)

2.Urban or Suburban?

Suburban — Big cities can be taken in short doses

3.Most proud mom moment?

When other parents compliment my children’s manners, because of course I would never know they exist otherwise.

4.What is your go-to meal?

A pasta and chicken Concoction – usually mixed with whatever’s in the fridge.

5. When you don’t have time to cook, your favorite take-out food for the family?

Chinese food. We rarely eat it. I haven’t mastered the art of cooking it ….yet.



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