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7 best beauty tips for moms returning to work

Since August is the month with the highest birth rate (I am an August baby – are all you mamas trying to stay warm in November?!?!?), it’s also the month for the most Canadian mommies going back to work after their one year maternity leave. Yes, we Canadians are lucky in that respect! But moms everywhere can use this advice, so we caught up with the woman behind the fashion label Peachymama, Merril Bainbridge for some top beauty tips to take you back to the bread-winning world.

Merril offers:

Gone are the days when you would spend hours fixing your hair and making yourself beautiful before going out, either for pleasure or work. You now have a baby to attend to! You will surely have less time for your beauty routines.

However, this should not prevent you from looking your best, most especially when you have already decided to go back to work. There are easy shortcuts that new moms like you can try to achieve glowing skin, shiny hair, and well-applied makeup.

How new moms can look fresh and rejuvenated

1. Shower before bedtime

When your baby is down for the night, you will definitely have more time to shampoo your hair and soak in the tub. The warm water will also help you feel relaxed and prepare you for several hours of uninterrupted sleep (fingers crossed!).

2. Cut your makeup routine

The sheer glow you have throughout your pregnancy often vanishes right after giving birth. Get that sheer glow back by using a high quality concealer or a cream-to-powder formula foundation. If you want to add some color, keep it simple by opting for a cream blush, which can also serve as an eye and lip tint. Allot another 10 seconds for curling your eyelashes as this can help make those sleepy eyes appear brighter and bigger.

3. Keep your nails short and neat

Right after giving birth, you may not have enough time for a manicure; still, you need to keep your nails short and smoothly filed. Aside from making your hands pretty, having short and clean nails will also prevent you from scratching your baby’s tender skin, most especially when changing diapers.

4. Use functional yet fashionable clothing

From leggings to tees to shoes, consider wearing black because this color can slim you down in minutes. Most importantly, it can take care of all those body issues you are currently dealing with.

Aside from that, choose fantastic clothing that will make your legs look longer. These include garments with vertical stripes, maxi skirts, high-waist jeans, and straight-cut pants.

As for your shoes, block heels can be the best option for you. Apart from giving you height, these are also all about comfort.

5. Accessorize

With the expenses associated with having a new baby, you probably cannot afford an entirely new wardrobe. Still, you can show off the latest trends as well as give your wardrobe a lift by picking up handbags and other accessories you own. You can make use of a diaper bag that can also transform into a laptop bag. Also, headbands or beanies are some great choices for hair accessories if you do not feel like styling your hair.

6. Make your hair shiny and beautiful

If you do not have time to wash those locks, consider using a dry shampoo. On the greasy spots, apply baby powder and brush them out. Don’t forget to apply a shine spray to make sure that whenever your hair falls, it won’t look all frizzy out in public.

If you’re feeling down, opt for a new hair color because this will surely lift your spirits. This will also introduce some welcome changes to your style for several months.

7. Nourish your skin

Keep your skin free of dirt, sweat and oil to prevent a dull appearance and clogged pores. Always wash your face every morning and night and after activities like cleaning the house, exercising or any physical activity. But if you do not have time to wash your face, use an astringent instead.

Each time you go out, do not forget to protect your skin by applying sunscreen. And after sun exposure, soothe your skin with fragrance-free cream to prevent skin irritations.

Keeping your skin moisturized is also very important. Apply hypoallergenic moisturizer after every cleansing. Be aware of the skincare products to avoid while breastfeeding.

If possible, pamper your skin at least once a week to make it feel and look fantastic. For five minutes, you can actually give yourself a home spa treatment. Gently cleanse your face, and then steam it over a bowl of hot water with rose or lavender leaves. After that, splash with cold water. Lastly, apply some moisturizer. By doing so, the pores will be deep-down clean. And most importantly, you will feel and look relaxed.

Most of all, try to embrace the return to work – it’s a big change, but you’ve got this!

About Merril:

At 16, Merril Bainbridge began her career in the Australian fashion industry. In her early 20’s she left to launch a successful Pop Music career which saw her at the top of the US Music Charts. Retiring to start a family, she found a new purpose helping breastfeeding women with her fashion label, Peachymama.