The Best You

30 days of wellness starts now – give back!

So Elisa and I have decided that we at Urban Suburban Mommy are going to embark on 30 days of wellness starting this January. Well we are now January 1 and there are no excuses – it’s time to start today.  What does wellness mean – well so many things.  Not only doesn’t it mean eating right, exercising, taking care of yourself, being the best you but it also means contributing to the wellness of others.

I am so inspired today.  My neighbor and dear friend Ana messaged me this morning and asked me where she could donate her hair.

Yes she cut 11 inches from her hair and is ready to donate it to a charity that creates wigs for children who suffer from cancer. As you may or may not know, cancer is a cause dear to my heart.

I am totally blown away by this act of kindness.  And Ana looks fabulous! I am empowered to also do something (and hopefully several things) great this year in terms of giving back.

Charity is so important and it definitely is integral to not only one’s mental well-being but it also helps others.  In this case, a child battling cancer will feel good because they look good.  I love this!

We will be launching an exciting project soon and a portion of a our proceeds will go to charity.  What will you do to contribute to the wellness of others?

If you are interested in donating your hair just like Ana, please get in touch with some of these great organizations.

Canadian Cancer Society

Angel Hair for Kids

Brain Tumour Foundation (lots of great links here)

Locks of Love

Thank you and happy 2017.  It’s going to be a great one. xo

Please add to the comments if there is a specific topic you would like us to cover pertaining to wellness. 🙂